Through the City of Camps

S-Bahn tour
Distance: 19 km
Duration: 2:00 h
Starting point: S/U Zoologischer Garten

Stops on this tour

  1. Jews, Dogs and Loading
  2. In the S-Bahn Car
  3. A Sort of Underworld
  4. At the Gestapo
  5. At the Black Market
  6. In the Police Prison
  7. ”Eastern workers” at the Reichsbahn
  8. Liberation and Mistrust
  9. Between Chaussee and S-Bahn
  10. With a Fist in the Face
  11. The Camp in Schöneweide

Tour topic

From Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten (Charlottenburg) to Schöneweide (Treptow)

With the transportation perhaps most characteristic of Berlin, the tour takes us both over and through the city. Former forced labourers talk about the Germans, about incidents in the S-Bahn and the camps the trains rode past. They tell of the Black Market and Gestapo, of love and liberation. To discover nearby places of forced labour through witnesses’ testimonies, it is well worth exiting at several stations.