“Eastern workers” at the Reichsbahn

Sacks of Flour Stolen at Ostbahnhof

Special court Berlin, note from July 8, 1943. The 16 defendants were sentenced to prison.

In RAW Warschauer Straße

Forced labourers of the Reichsbahn Directorate Berlin

Shot in a Reichsbahn Camp

Report from a civil servant at the Foreign Office, 1943. Photo: Cemetery list with one of the casualties, April 4, 1942 (excerpt)

2,000 “Eastern workers” alone were deployed at the Reichsbahn Repair Depot (RAW) Warschauer Straße. They performed loading, repair and cleaning work for the railway. Forced labourers from the Soviet Union were at the bottom of the Nazi racial hierarchy and therefore especially suffered from hunger and violence.

Hardware stores are now at the site of the Ostbahnhof freight depot. The former RAW is now made up of bars and clubs.

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in Berlin


S Ostbahnhof, S Warschauer Straße


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