In the Police Prison

The Police Headquarters

The enormous building of the Berlin police headquarters was also called the Red Castle because of the colour of its bricks.

Babylon in the Transport Cell

František G. had to wait here for his transport.


For Olga S., the police prison on Alexanderplatz was a stop on the way to a concentration camp.

Fearing the People Out There

Władysław Lepieszka recalls being released from the police prison.

The prison at the police headquarters on Alexanderplatz was a place of fear for forced labourers. Many served a sentence there after an escape attempt before being sent to a penal camp. For others, it was a stop on the way to various other camps.

A shopping centre is now at the site of the police headquarters; there is a memorial plaque on the traffic island.


Grunerstraße 20
10178 Berlin


S/U Alexanderplatz


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