Władysław Lepieszka

  • 1924: Born in Kęszyce near Warsaw, Poland
  • 1941: Went into hiding to escape deportation to Germany, mother arrested as punitive measure
  • Transported to Silesia for forest operations
  • May 1942: Escape attempt and imprisonment
  • Committal to the Auschwitz concentration camp
  • Juni 1943: Transfer to a police prison in Berlin
  • Release and forced labour at the broadcasting company C. Lorenz AG
  • 1945: Return to Poland
  • After 1945: Marriage, work as a craftsman in radio technology
  • 1997: Testimony, Berliner Geschichtswerkstatt collection
  • 2004: Video interview, Berliner Geschichtswerkstatt collection

Stations involving Władysław Lepieszka