Between Chaussee and S-Bahn

A Respectable Poor Quarter

Next to the camp: The Hitlerjungen at the sports pitch. From the autobiographical novel by François Cavanna

The Frenchman François Cavanna was employed as a young forced labourer at the Treptow company Ehrich und Graetz. His barrack camp was next to a sports pitch and the S-Bahn in Baumschulenweg. He later wrote the novel “Les Russkoffs” (“Das Lied der Baba”) about his experiences and love for a young Eastern worker.


Sportplatz „Willy Sänger“
12437 Berlin


S Plänterwald, S Baumschulenweg


“A Respectable Poor Quarter”: François Cavanna, Das Lied der Baba, Berlin 1988 (text); Bundesarchiv, photo 146-2000-001-05 / Weinrother (photo)