With a Fist in the Face

With a Fist in the Face

Returning after an air raid. Testimony of Raissa Stepiko, 1998

Because of the air raids, forced labourers were often not on time for work or their return to camp. Sometimes they were then arrested on charges of an alleged escape attempt.

Raissa Stepiko worked at NAG-Büssing in Schöneweide and was housed at a camp on Sterndamm in Johannisthal.

On Sunday she sometimes went to the black market on Alexanderplatz. In 1998, she described consequences for returning late to the camp in a testimony.


in Berlin


S Baumschulenweg, S Schöneweide


“With a Fist in the Face”: Testimony of Raissa Stepiko, 1997, and private photo, Collection of the Berliner Geschichtswerkstatt