In the S-Bahn Car

In the S-Bahn Cars …

… you fly past one camp after the other. From the autobiographical novel by François Cavanna

Eastern Workers in the Tramway

In July, 1942, an excursion for Soviet forced labourers was organised and carried out.

With the “P” in the S-Bahn

Most Poles were not allowed to ride the S-Bahn. Barbara Michalska talks about an illegal journey.

A ride on the S-Bahn gave a view over the countless barrack camps in the city. The exclusion of the foreigners could not be overlooked.

The Frenchman François Cavanna was put to work at the Ehrich und Graetz Company in Treptow within the “S.T.O.” (Service du travail obligatoire) compulsory work scheme. Later he wrote the novel “Les Russkoffs” (“Das Lied der Baba”) on his experiences.


In der S-Bahn
in Berlin


S Tiergarten, S Bellevue, S Hauptbahnhof


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