At the Gestapo

To the Gestapo by S-Bahn

Alexandra A. was arrested after an escape attempt in 1944 and was photographed here by the Gestapo.

How the Gestapo Worked

The Gestapo headquarters in Berlin sent many forced labourers to labour education camps. From the hearing of a Gestapo employee in the 1960s.

Labour Education Camp Fehrbellin

Raissa Stepiko talks about the Fehrbellin penal camp, around 50 km northwest from Berlin.

The Gestapo had its headquarters at a building now used by DGB (small memorial plaque at entrance).

The Secret State Police, Berlin headquarters, policed hundreds of thousands of forced labourers in Berlin. One of the toughest sentences was to be sent to a labour education camp. Women were sent from here to Fehrbellin, men to Wuhlheide or Großbeeren.

After the building was bombed, the Gestapo department for foreigners moved to the Jewish community building on Oranienburger Straße at the end of 1943. There were also detention cells in the former Jewish retirement home on Große Hamburger Straße.

More on the Gestapo in the tour “Victims and Perpatrators”, stop 8


Burgstraße 28
10178 Berlin


S Hackescher Markt


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