Forced Labour Was Everywhere

Bicycle tour
Distance: 11 km
Duration: 2:00 h
Starting point: S/U Potsdamer Platz

Stops on this tour

  1. In Potsdamer Bahnhof
  2. Mr Quandt’s Responsibility
  3. Post Sorter at the Post Office
  4. Hand and Foot
  5. Forced Labour in the Nursery
  6. Camps in the Neighbourhood
  7. 70,000 Prisoners of War
  8. Barracks in the Park
  9. Tuberculosis Ward in a School
  10. Employment Office for Jews
  11. Barrack City at the Airport
  12. The Cemetery Camp

Tour topic

From Potsdamer Platz (Tiergarten) to Hermannstraße (Neukölln)

The 500,000 forced labourers were all over Berlin. They worked at armaments factories, in private households as well as for the railway and postal service. They lived in rear blocks in Kreuzberg, in barrack camps at Tempelhof Airport and at the cemetery in Neukölln. The bike route runs mainly on bicycle lanes and side streets. Please do not use the app while riding! Certain sections are also suitable for touring by foot, especially in combination with the Bus M 41.