Barrack City at the Airport

Forced Labour at the Aircraft Factory

The Weser Flugzeugwerke used thousands of forced labourers.

Stanisława Michałowska from Poland

With sister Zofia (l.) and brother Franciszek in the airport camp

An Italian in Bunker Construction

Testimony of Italian military internee Mario Maturi, 2004

No Longer Suitable for Work

Tanja Beljawska contracted tuberculosis. She died at 21. Her labour card has survived.

Tempelhof Airport was built up in National Socialist style starting in 1936. During the war, the Weser-Flugzeugbau GmbH built airplanes here such as the Junkers Ju88.

Over 2,000 forced labourers were housed in several barrack camps that were also partly used by other companies as well as for bunker construction.

The airport was closed in 2008.


10965 Berlin


U Platz der Luftbrücke


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