Employment Office for Jews

We Were Employed at Siemens

Erna Puterman, a Jew from Berlin, talks about her forced labour for Siemens.

A Siemens Engineer Suggests

Movable partitions: Germans work on one side, Jews on the other.

Forced Labour Behind Wire

Alfred Jachmann talks about forced labour at the Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabrik.

As of 1938 the employment office on Fontanepromenade organised the work deployment in segregated groups of around 20,000 Berlin Jews in in the capital’s factories. For these “Rüstungsjuden”, forced labour meant a temporary suspension of deportation.

More than 3,000 Jews worked at Siemens alone. Factory management made practical experience with the racial separation of workers desired by the regime but rather cumbersome for the labour process.

More on forced labour of Berlin Jews in the tour “Victims and Perpetrators”, stop 4


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