Alfred Jachmann

  • 1927: Born in Arnswalde, Pomerania, Germany
  • 1938 until 1939: Imprisonment of his father at Sachsenhausen concentration camp
  • Family moved to Berlin
  • From 1942: Forced labour for the Deutsche Waffen- and Munitionsfabriken in Reinickendorf
  • 1943: Arrest and deportation to Auschwitz with father; father died in Auschwitz
  • March 1943 until January 1945: Forced labour as concentration camp inmate for I.G. Farben at Buna in Monowitz concentration camp
  • January 1945: Death march and liberation
  • After 1945: Director of a Jewish retirement home
  • Alfred Jachmann was actively involved in the compensation for forced labourers and the remembrance of Nazi forced labour in Germany.
  • March 1996: Video interview, USC Shoah Foundation
  • Alfred Jachmann died in Frankfurt am Main in 2002.

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