The Cemetery Camp

Remembering the Gravediggers

The church ran its own camp for Eastern workers at the cemetery.

From a Diary

Wasyl Kudrenko wrote a diary about the Neukölln cemetery camp starting in 1944.

A Camp Director Does Overtime

Camp director Gustav Weniger complaining to his employer, the Protestant synod.

Even the church used forced labourers, mainly as cemetery workers and gravediggers. Around 30 protestant and 3 catholic parishes ran an Eastern worker camp together at a cemetery in Neukölln. A memorial stone, publications and events have been made in remembrance since 2002.


Hermannstraße 84-90
12049 Berlin


U Leinestraße


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“From a Diary”: Diary entry by Wasyl Kudrenko, 1944, Protestant regional church archive Berlin (text); Boris Klinge (photo)

“A Camp Director Does Overtime”: Letter from G. Weniger, 1945, Protestant regional church archive Berlin