70,000 Prisoners of War

Stalag III D

The commandant of the POW camp managed over 100 labour details in Berlin.

We were Prisoners of War

Testimony of Italian military internee (IMI) Mario Maturi, 2004

The Carrot

Testimony of IMI Cesarino Taccioli, 1999. Photo: Catholic mass in an IMI camp in Berlin, 1944

At the site of today’s Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek was the headquarters of the POW camp (Stalag) III D Berlin.

Around 70,000 prisoners of war came through this camp during the course of the Second World War. The largest groups were French, Soviets, and Italian military internees. They worked for more than 100 labour details at companies and institutions in Berlin.


Blücherplatz 1
10963 Berlin


U Hallesches Tor


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