Cesarino Taccioli

  • Born in Casciano di Murlo, Tuscany, Italy
  • Soldier in the Italian army
  • September 8, 1943: Ceasefire with the Allies
  • Imprisoned by the Germans, evacuated to Berlin as an Italian military internee
  • Housed in a barrack camp in Berlin-Kreuzberg
  • Forced labour in the ruins, at Siemens and the brewery Engelhardt in Berlin-Stralau
  • March 22, 1944: Cesarino Taccioli barely survived a air raid
  • April 23, 1945: Liberated by the Red Army at a camp of the Engelhardt brewery in Pankow
  • May 1945: Returned home through Czechoslovakia
  • October 1999: Visited Berlin, testimony for the “Tagesspiegel”

Stations involving Cesarino Taccioli