Barracks in the Park

Barracks on the Canal

This 1943 Allied aerial photo shows forced labour camps in what is now Böcklerpark.

Total Loss of Our Barrack Camp

After an air raid, the company Filter und Mann applied for compensation.

There Sang the Eastern Workers

The German journalist Ursula von Kardorff remembers songs then sung by Ukrainians.

Cursed Be My Fate

60 years later: Tetjana B. sings a song from back then. Photo: Ukrainians in a camp in Spandau, 1943

I Often Went to the Ukranians

Polish woman Barbara Michalska talks about listening to the Ukrainian songs.

In 1944, on the site of today’s Böcklerpark on the opposite bank of the canal, Filter und Mann KG built a barrack camp. The arms manufacturer consolidated their more than 400 forced labourers from seven different camps here. The barracks were destroyed by an air raid on August 15, 1944. As was the norm, the company demanded damages from the city of Berlin.


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