Józef Przedpełski

Józef Przedpełski
  • 1921: Born in Zgierz near Lodz, Poland
  • December 1939: Arrest and death of his father, expulsion from Lodz
  • Until 1944: In Warsaw, worked in city administration
  • September 1944: Deported to Berlin
  • Housed at a camp on Ellerbeker Straße
  • Forced labour at the Reichsbahn repair depot in Schöneweide
  • April 9, 1945: Birth of son in Berlin
  • End of April 1945: Return to Poland, settled down in Lodz
  • Afterward: Law studies, worked at various state-owned companies
  • Birth of daughter
  • 1997: Testimony, Berliner Geschichtswerkstatt collection
  • 2004: Video interview, Berliner Geschichtswerkstatt collection
  • Several visits to Berlin
  • 2021: Józef Przedpełski celebrates his 100th birthday in Lodz, Poland.

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