Born in a Classroom

A son is born

Józef Przedpełski talks about the birth of his son.

From the Family Album

Przedpełski family photos

Back to the School

In 2010, Józef Przedpełski visited the school where he was housed as a forced laborer in 1944, and found the classroom again where his son was born.

The German Reichsbahn operated a forced labour camp in what is now the Rudolf Wissell school. Because of bomb attacks, the children had been evacuated to the countryside. Many schools in Berlin were used as forced labour camps.

In the camp in Ellerbeker street, the Reichsbahn housed entire families. Józef Przedpełski and his pregnant wife arrived to the classrooms that had been set up as dormitories in September, 1944.

Their son was born here shortly before the end of the war.


Ellerbeker Straße 7-8
13357 Berlin


S/U Gesundbrunnen


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