Forced Labour for the Reichsbahn

Ten Hours of Work

From here, took the S-Bahn to his work at the Reichsbahn Repair Depot Schöneweide every day.

Factory Tour

In 2010, Józef Przedpełski revisited the factory, now run by the S-Bahn.

Nearby: Other Forced Labour Camps

Barracks for French forced labourers next to Swinemünder Bridge, 1944

The German National Railway (Deutsche Reichsbahn) deployed forced labourers from occupied countries on a large scale. In Berlin alone, more than 20,000 foreigners worked at railway stations, in track construction, baggage handling or carriage repairs.

Józef Przedpełski took the S-Bahn daily from the station Gesundbrunnen to his work at the Reichsbahn repair depot Schöneweide, now the main S-Bahn repair shop.

More on forced labour for the Reichsbahn in the tour ”Forced Labour was everywhere”, stops 1 and 4, and in tour ”Through the City of Camps”, stop 7


Swinemünder Brücke / Bellermannstraße
13357 Berlin


S/U Gesundbrunnen


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