Deported from Warsaw

From Warsaw Uprising to Berlin

In 1944, tens of thousands of people from Warsaw were deported for forced labour. Józef Przedpełski reports about the experience 60 years later.

The Family’s Fate

In a postcard, Józef’s mother Antonina reports about the family’s fate after the Warsaw Uprising.

In Poland and Berlin

Images of a youth in Lodz, Warsaw and Berlin

During the war, around three million Poles were brought to Germany as forced labourers, with close to 20,000 being placed in Berlin.

The last big wave of deportations occurred in Warsaw in 1944. In August, the Polish underground army launched an armed resistance against the German occupation two months later it was brutally suppressed. Around 200,000 people were killed. The Polish capital lay in ruins, its entire population displaced.

As a result of the Warsaw Uprising, tens of thousands were deported to Germany, including Józef Przedpełski and his wife Anna.


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