Victims and Perpetrators

Distance: 5,1 km
Duration: 2:30 h
Starting point: S/U Brandenburger Tor

Stops on this tour

  1. Horsies, Carry Me Home!
  2. Albert Speer: Master of Forced Labour
  3. The Hunger Plan
  4. Holocaust and Forced Labour
  5. That I Won His War
  6. Propaganda and Special Taxes
  7. Aircraft Industry and KZ
  8. Headquarters of Terror
  9. Europe Works in the Reich
  10. The Employment Office
  11. Late Compensation

Tour topic

From Brandenburg Gate (Mitte) to Lindenstraße (Kreuzberg)

The tour passes through the centre of the Nazi regime: the most important ministries and departments were situated in the area around Wilhelmstraße. From here forced labour for over 20 million people in the German Reich and occupied territories was organised. Former forced labourers report on the effect these policies had on them.