The Employment Office

Employment Office Transit Camp

“Ostarbeiter” or Eastern Workers in Wilhelmshagen: registration, distribution, transport

Slave Market in Wilhelmshagen

Kazimiera Kosonowska reports of her arrival at the transit camp.

Sick Camp Blankenfelde

Employment office and company argued about funeral costs for a 21 year old Eastern worker.

The employment offices were the central authorities for the deployment of foreigners. The Berlin employment office ran the transit camps in Wilhelmshagen and Rehbrücke, assigned forced labourers to applicant companies, set up the sick and death camp in Blankenfelde and arranged the burial of deceased forced labourers.

The building, constructed in 1940, was also partly used by the Organisation Todt. The foreign labour office was housed in the rear section of the building on Charlottenstraße.

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Friedrichstraße 34
10969 Berlin


U Kochstraße / Checkpoint Charlie


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