Sinaida B.

  • 1914: Born in Belgorod, Russian Empire
  • 1916: Moved to Kharkiv, attended school and university, worked as an engineer at “Giprokoks”
  • 1942: Deported to Berlin, forced labour at Schwarzkopf in Berlin-Tempelhof and later as a maid for a Baltic German family in Berlin-Steglitz
  • 1943: Evacuation of the family, including the maid, to Hessen, forced labour in a bakery in Schönstadt near Marburg
  • Summer 1944: Forced labour in the armaments factory WASAG in Allendorf near Marburg, housed in a camp for Russians
  • April 1945: Liberated by the US Army
  • Juni 1945: Transport into the Soviet Occupation Zone, interrogations at a „Filtrierlager“ in Magdeburg
  • October 1945: Return to Kharkiv, Soviet Union, now Ukraine
  • Reemployment at “Giprokoks”
  • 1978: Pension
  • 1984: Marriage
  • 2005: Video interview, online archive “Forced Labor 1939-1945”

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