On Humboldthain Bunker

Humboldthain Bunker

Construction, use and demolition of the anti-aircraft bunker or “Flakturm”

The Humboldthain Flakturm was built in April, 1942. Bunkers had already been built at Zoologischer Garten and in Friedrichshain. The bunkers provided shelter for the population, on top of the bunkers were anti-aircraft guns. However, the towers never had any strategic importance.

The platform provides a view over Wedding, the traditional working class and industrial district of Berlin, also known as “Roter Wedding”. In the Second World War, many forced labourers worked at the local machine, electrical and food factories. Today, Wedding is one of the most multi-cultural sections of the district Mitte.

Accessible, but occasional steep climb!


Im Volkspark Humboldthain
13355 Berlin


S/U Gesundbrunnen


“Humboldthain Bunker”: Landesarchiv Berlin