Maria Andrzejewska

  • 1918: Born Maria Kawecka in Lewin near Lodz, Poland
  • November 17, 1942: Arrested in a tram
  • Deported to the Berlin-Wilhelmshagen transit camp
  • Forced labour in a cement factory in Reinickendorf and in the Technische Fabrik Klaus Gettwart in Mitte.
  • August 1944: Escape attempt and imprisonment in the Gestapo “labour education camp” Fehrbellin, subsequent return to the factory
  • Spring 1945: Evacuation of the factory to Klausdorf
  • April 28, 1945: Liberated by the Red Army
  • Return to Poland
  • After 1945: Marriage, birth of two sons, works as an assistant at the Technical University in Lodz
  • 1997: Testimony, Berliner Geschichtswerkstatt collection
  • Visits to Berlin and Fehrbellin
  • 2004: Video interview, Berliner Geschichtswerkstatt collection
  • Maria Andrzejewska died in Lodz, Poland in 2007.

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