Danuta Bartkowiak

  • 1927: Born Danuta Wujek in Lodz, Poland
  • 1941: Forced labour at the age of 14 at a printer in Lodz
  • 1943: Deported to Berlin, allegedly for training at AEG, housed at a camp on Grenzstraße in Wedding
  • September 3, 1943: Camp destroyed during an air raid, wounded
  • End of September 1943: Escape attempt, again transported to Berlin, forced labour at AEG
  • March 1945: Deployed to fortifications near Prenzlau and Angermünde
  • April 1945: Liberated by the Red Army, return to Poland
  • After 1945: Training as an educator, marriage, birth of three children
  • 1997: Testimony, private archive

Stations involving Danuta Bartkowiak